The Latest: Hammond says Britain a good Belt & Road partner

Apr 26, 2019

British treasury chief Philip Hammond says the U.K.'s finance industry would be a "natural partner" for future projects under China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative

Putin lauds China infrastructure initiative, warming ties

Apr 26, 2019

Praise for China's Belt and Road initiative from Russian President Vladimir Putin underscores the current warmth of ties between the giant neighbors forged partly by their shared opposition to a unipolar world dominated by the U.S.

China's Xi promotes building initiative amid debt worries

Apr 26, 2019

China's Xi says building initiative will set high standards, as countries fret over debt

Artisan keeps his craft alive with each carved mahjong tile

Apr 26, 2019

With each mahjong tile he carves and paints by hand, Hong Kong artisan Cheung Shun-king is keeping his craft alive

China says French ship entered its waters illegally

Apr 25, 2019

China says it has complained to France after a French warship entered Chinese territorial waters while passing through the Taiwan Strait this month

China faces debt fears ahead of construction forum

Apr 25, 2019

China tries to dispel debt complaints about its Belt and Road infrastructure initiative by promising 'sustainable financing' as leaders gather to celebrate the project

11 die as elevator cable snaps at work site in north China

Apr 25, 2019

11 workers were killed and two seriously injured when an elevator fell due to a snapped cable at a construction site in northern China

Indian court lifts ban on Chinese social media app TikTok

Apr 24, 2019

An Indian court has lifted its ban on Chinese social media video-sharing app TikTok on the condition that the platform popular with teenagers would not be used to host obscene videos

China rejects 'unfounded hype' after GE spying accusation

Apr 24, 2019

China tells US to stop 'unfounded hype' about technology theft after engineer, Chinese business partner charged with industrial spying

Beijing celebration of building binge overshadowed by debt

Apr 24, 2019

Asian and African leaders plan to press Beijing to reduce debt burden of infrastructure initiative

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