World shares slide as US-China trade dispute escalates

Apr 4, 2018

World stocks slide after China unveils plans to retaliate against proposed US tariff hikes, in further escalation of trade dispute

China vows 'same strength' measures against US tariffs

Apr 4, 2018

China vows measures of 'same strength' in response to US tariff hike in technology dispute

Troubled Chinese insurer receives government bailout

Apr 4, 2018

The troubled Chinese insurer that owns New York City's Waldorf Hotel says it is receiving a $9.6 billion bailout from a government-run fund to shore up its finances

Asian shares mixed as markets mull US tariffs list for China

Apr 4, 2018

Asian stock markets mostly lower as investors digest latest volley of tariff measures and threats between US and China

China raises tariffs on US pork, fruit in trade dispute

Apr 2, 2018

China raised import duties on a $3 billion list of U.S. pork, fruit and other products in an escalating tariff dispute with President Donald Trump that companies worry might depress global commerce

Sen. Warren says administration 'chaos' harming Asia policy

Apr 1, 2018

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren says chaos in the Trump administration is harming its ability to formulate coherent policy toward North Korea and other important issues in Asia.

World stock markets higher as geopolitical tension eases

Mar 29, 2018

World stock markets higher as Asian geopolitical fears ease, helping investors get over US tech sell-off

China appeals to Washington to give up tariff plan

Mar 29, 2018

China's Commerce Ministry has called on Washington to discard a tariff plan it warned might set off a chain reaction that could disrupt global trade

Correction: Bolton-Global Reaction story

Mar 26, 2018

Correction: Bolton-Global Reaction story

China 'open' to talks with US amid spiraling tariff spat

Mar 26, 2018

China's foreign ministry says Beijing is open to negotiating with Washington amid a spiraling tariff dispute following a report American officials have submitted a list of market-opening requests

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