Asian stocks follow Wall Street higher ahead of Brexit vote

Mar 12, 2019

Asian markets follow Wall Street higher as Britain's parliament prepares to vote on plan to leave European Union

60 years after Dalai Lama fled, China defends Tibet policies

Mar 11, 2019

China is defending its often-criticized policies toward Tibet 60 years after the Dalai Lama fled abroad amid abortive uprising against Chinese rule

China's Yi affirms pledge to avoid devaluation for trade

Mar 10, 2019

China's central bank governor affirms promise to avoid manipulating currency to boost exports following US-China trade negotiations

Chinese exports fall amid US tariffs, weak global demand

Mar 8, 2019

China's exports to the United States plunge amid tariff fight while weak global growth hurts sales elsewhere

China exports fall 4.6 percent in first 2 months of 2019; exports to US off 5.8 percent amid tariff battle

Mar 8, 2019

China exports fall 4.6 percent in first 2 months of 2019; exports to US off 5.8 percent amid tariff battle

China says Canadian canola will face stricter assessments

Mar 7, 2019

China's customs agency says imported canola, a Canadian oilseed crop, will now undergo more thorough assessments during its quarantine period

China says pest concerns justify ban on Canadian canola

Mar 7, 2019

China says it is blocking some imports of the agricultural product canola from Canada due to fears of insect infestation, amid a conflict between the two countries over Canada's arrest of a Chinese technology company executive

China says new law will bar demands for technology handover

Mar 6, 2019

China says it will bar government authorities from demanding overseas companies hand over technology secrets in exchange for market share

China sets robust growth target to shore up cooling economy

Mar 5, 2019

China sets robust economic growth target amid trade battle with Washington and plans 7.5 percent rise in military spending

India resigned to US decision to end zero-tariffs status

Mar 5, 2019

India resigned to USTR decision on losing zero-tariffs status

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