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IMF approves loan to Mongolia to finance reforms

May 25, 2017

The International Monetary Fund has approved a $434 million loan to Mongolia to finance reforms meant to revive economic growth and reduce reliance on mineral exports

'Silk Road' plan stirs unease over China's strategic goals

May 11, 2017

China's plan to build a "new Silk Road" of ports, railways and roads to expand trade across Asia and Africa is stirring unease among other governments about its strategic intentions

Chinese insurance regulator under graft investigation

Apr 10, 2017

China's top anti-corruption body says it is investigating the country's chief insurance regulator

World stocks mixed; Asia drops on Chinese liquidity concerns

Mar 30, 2017

World stocks were mixed Thursday, with Asian indexes falling as Chinese authorities tightened liquidity in the financial system of the world's second largest economy

Asian markets mostly higher after Fed hike

Mar 16, 2017

Japanese stocks are lower while other Asian markets gained following a U.S. rate hike and the defeat of a Eurosceptic party in Dutch elections

China raises short-term interest rate on lending to banks by 0.1 percent but leaves benchmark rate unchanged

Mar 16, 2017

China raises short-term interest rate on lending to banks by 0.1 percent but leaves benchmark rate unchanged

Premier: China doesn't want 'trade war' with Washington

Mar 15, 2017

China's No. 2 leader says Beijing wants positive relations with Washington and has no desire for a trade war nor plans to devalue its currency to boost exports

Premier: China won't devalue yuan to boost exports

Mar 15, 2017

China's premier says Beijing has no plans to devalue its yuan to boost exports and will keep its exchange rate 'generally stable.'

HSBC names outsider for chairman, taps AIA boss for job

Mar 13, 2017

HSBC says it's tapping the head of Asian life insurer AIA Group to be its chairman, turning to an outsider for a job it has traditionally filled from within its own ranks

Central banker: China's debt 'too high,' must be controlled

Mar 10, 2017

China's central bank governor says the country has to control soaring corporate debt but its economy and currency are stable

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