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GOP's Sasse likes tax bill, but won't call it key to 2018

Nov 19, 2017

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse tells Iowa conservatives that Republican leaders are overstating how much passing tax-cut legislation can protect the party in next year's elections

Spanish police protest in Madrid to demand better pay

Nov 18, 2017

Thousands of Spanish police officers packed a central square in Madrid Saturday to protest for higher salaries and better working conditions

Mexico: Cocaine found in apparent Social Security truck

Nov 18, 2017

Mexican authorities have seized more than 800 pounds (371 kilograms) of cocaine being transported toward the Texas border inside a truck bearing the markings of the country's Social Security Institute

Officials try to identify 'John Doe' convicted in fraud case

Nov 17, 2017

A foreign national stole an American man's identity, then lived in the U.S. for at least 20 years and committed Social Security and voter fraud, federal officials said.

Medicare 'Part B' premiums to rise next year for many

Nov 17, 2017

Many Medicare beneficiaries will pay higher monthly premiums next year for outpatient coverage

The Latest: Company: Spill controlled and no public threat

Nov 17, 2017

Operator TransCanada Corp. says the leak of oil from the Keystone pipeline is "controlled" and not a threat to public safety

Keystone pipeline leak won't affect last regulatory hurdle

Nov 17, 2017

A state official says discovery of a 210,000-gallons oil spill from the Keystone pipeline will not affect the decision of Nebraska regulators next week on a massive expansion of the system.

White House requests $44 billion disaster aid bill

Nov 17, 2017

The White House has sent Congress a $44 billion disaster aid request that falls far short of demands from hurricane-hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico

Derided by critics, trickle-down economics gets another try

Nov 17, 2017

Derided by critics, trickle-down economics gets another try in GOP tax plan

The Latest: Trump calls Democrats 'obstructionists' on taxes

Nov 17, 2017

President Donald Trump says the Democrats could exert greater sway over the shape of tax overhaul legislation if they weren't focused wholly on defeating it

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