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China rejects 'blackmail' on eve of US tariff hike

Jul 5, 2018

China rejects 'threats and blackmail' on eve of U.S. tariff hikes

China push to end reliance on US tech at trade fight's core

Jul 5, 2018

China push to end reliance on US tech at core of festering trade fight

China says "fully prepared" if trade war kicks off this week

Jul 3, 2018

China "fully prepared" to protect interests if trade war breaks out with US

China tries to defuse trade pressure, says world benefits

Jun 28, 2018

China's government has defended its trade record and said its growth benefits the world in a new effort to defuse U.S. and European pressure over market access and technology

China, EU to form group to modernize global trade rules

Jun 25, 2018

China and Europe have agreed to launch a group that will work to update global trade rules to address technology policy, subsidies and other emerging irritants and preserve support for international trade amid U.S. threats of import controls

China regulators free up extra $100B for bank lending

Jun 25, 2018

China has freed up an extra $100 billion for bank lending in a move financial analysts said could help to reassure investors amid trade tensions with Washington

Asian stocks fall, oil gives up some gains after China move

Jun 25, 2018

Asian stock markets have fallen and oil prices gave up some of their gains after Chinese regulators freed up extra money for bank lending amid a trade dispute with Washington

China says US swinging 'big stick' of unfair trade tactics

Jun 21, 2018

China has accused the U.S. of using pressure tactics and blackmail in its threats to impose tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese imports

China blasts new US tariff threat, warns it will retaliate

Jun 19, 2018

China has threatened "comprehensive measures" in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's new tariff hike, raising the possibility Beijing might target operations of American companies

The Latest: Kim Jong Un meets with China's president

Jun 19, 2018

Chinese state TV has shown President Xi Jinping welcoming North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on a visit to Beijing

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