STARK Industries, LLC Awarded NASA JPL - VITAL Ventilator Manufacturing License to Combat the Global COVID-19 CrisisSTARK Industries, LLC Awarded NASA JPL - VITAL Ventilator Manufacturing License to Combat the Global COVID-19 Crisis
May 30, 2020

STARK Industries, LLC Awarded NASA JPL - VITAL Ventilator Manufacturing License to Combat the Global COVID-19 Crisis

STARK Industries awarded a global license by NASA JPL – Caltech to manufacture, assemble, distribute, sell, and service NASA JPL's – VITAL Ventilator design in the fight against COVID-19COLUMBUS, Ohio - May 29, 2020 - PRLog -- STARK Industries, LLC has been awarded a manufacturing license for the NASA JPL – VITAL Ventilator, designed to help meet the domestic and global demand for ventilators during the COVID-19 global crisis.Ohio-based STARK Industries is partnering with its extensive collaborative network to quickly bring the NASA JPL – VITAL Ventilator design to the US and global market, focusing on improving COVID-19 patient outcomes and saving lives."The NASA JPL – VITAL Ventilator represents a feat of mechanical design, engineering and ingenuity," Joe Swantack - CEO, STARK Industries stated. "The VITAL ventilator is EUA FDA-Cleared and is designed to be built with components outside the current medical device supply chain and therefore does not impact the existing supply chain of currently made ventilators."Headquartered in Columbus, OH, USA, STARK Industries, LLC innovates in areas of research and technological development across industry sectors within the medtech, healthcare and aerospace industries.For additional information, visit STARK IndustriesContactSTARK Industries, (614) 324-3264Photos: (Click photo to enlarge) Click to Contact

Automated Commercial Cigar Humidifier For Walk In Humidor LaunchedAutomated Commercial Cigar Humidifier For Walk In Humidor Launched
May 30, 2020

Automated Commercial Cigar Humidifier For Walk In Humidor Launched

A Michigan-based family-run manufacturer and retailer of cigar humidors, lockers, and accessories has launched a new fully automated commercial cigar humidifier for walk in humidors.

Independent Music Artist SANTELESAMISOK Makes a Comeback With New Single 'Deep Furry'Independent Music Artist SANTELESAMISOK Makes a Comeback With New Single 'Deep Furry'
May 30, 2020

Independent Music Artist SANTELESAMISOK Makes a Comeback With New Single 'Deep Furry'

Ariffin Tahir, professionally known as "SANTELESAMISOK", on his success as an independent artist. SINGAPORE - May 29, 2020 - ( ​Music artist SANTELESAMISOK makes a loud comeback after a time of silence with his song “Deep Furry”. Ariffin Tahir (born May 20, 1997), who uses the stage name SANTELESAMISOK, is a Singaporean producer and entrepreneur and has been able to make some major progress in his short time as a recording artist. SANTELESAMISOK was born in Singapore, his focus shifted from sports to music. His love for music developed at a young age when he started listening to dance music. He started mixing at the age of 17. With encouragement from his peers, he started producing and mixing his own music. This has allowed him to connect on a deeper level with his audience. Although his music is fire, what people found most interesting about SANTELESAMISOK was his motto of being a “Simp Boy”. He describes being a Simp Boy as someone who stands out from others and doesn’t care what other people think of them. He gave the example of being a music artist. He recalls his early years as an artist when “no one listened to (his) music or believed” in him. He described the feeling by saying, “When I first started releasing music, no one believed in me. To them it was weird. I was just a brown kid who was trying to create songs and no one took me seriously.” He said, “To them, I was lost, but really I was at home. I was right where I wanted to be. Where I felt comfortable. They didn’t understand, but I knew I was going to be great so I didn’t give up. And that is what being a Simp Boy is. Being creative and doing what you want without thinking about or caring about any body’s opinion of you.” And good thing some early doubt from his peers didn’t stop SANTELESAMISOK. Now as a 23-year-old, he has amassed a massive following for his music. All year round, SANTELESAMISOK topped almost 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has over 1 million across all platforms. His collaborative album “Deception Rain” with DJ Ray Tan charted at #95 in his local region's Spotify's EDM Charts - a very impressive achievement by an independent artist. On top of all that he is balancing his music career with college. He said, “Most people don’t understand I am a full-time student and recording artist." He truly is a “Golden Boy”, being so successful at the age of 23. You can find more info about SANTELESAMISOK here: Instagram Listen to SANTELESAMISOK's Music here: Spotify Media Contact:Aryana LanningEmail: Press Release Service by Original Source: Independent Music Artist SANTELESAMISOK Makes a Comeback With New Single 'Deep Furry'

Highlighting an Act of Kindness and Overnight Shipping in BethaltoHighlighting an Act of Kindness and Overnight Shipping in Bethalto
May 29, 2020

Highlighting an Act of Kindness and Overnight Shipping in Bethalto

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Bethalto, IL. – Eliot Deters, owner of The Mail Box Store in Bethalto, was recently featured in a news story from Steven Harris of KMOV-TV for an exceptional act of kindness. During this time of social distancing, overnighting something to a loved one is more important than ever. When overnight shipping in Bethalto did not go as planned, Deters took it upon himself to ensure the important package was delivered safely. As described by Harris, a man in Illinois tried to overnight some mushrooms to his sister in Missouri. However, when Deters arrived at the store the next morning, he discovered the package had not been picked up as scheduled. Without hesitation, Deters took it upon himself to drive the package from Bethalto, IL, all the way to Kansas City, MO to make the delivery. This random act of kindness by Deters was not only greatly appreciated by the family he helped, but it also helped to highlight his values as both a member of his community and a local business owner. The Mail Box Store in Bethalto values its customers as top priority and always strives to provide the best service possible. Making the decision to go above and beyond in this situation was a simple one, according to Deters. The Mail Box Store is family owned and operated, offering a variety of services including shipping services and office supplies in Bethalto. For more information about The Mail Box Store, give them a call at (618) 377-6245 or visit their website ###For more information about The Mail Box Store Bethalto, contact the company here:The Mail Box Store BethaltoEliot Deters618-377-6245Eliot@TheMailBoxStore.net333 West Bethalto DriveBethalto, Illinois 62010ReleaseID: 60036381

A Fort Walton Beach FL Sunroom Contractor is Highlighting a New OfferA Fort Walton Beach FL Sunroom Contractor is Highlighting a New Offer
May 29, 2020

A Fort Walton Beach FL Sunroom Contractor is Highlighting a New Offer

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Fort Walton Beach, Fla. – Sunrooms or patio covers are perfect for the summer heat, and with more people staying home this summer Titan Sunrooms is offering a discount. Titan Sunrooms is a Fort Walton Beach, FL sunroom contractor known for their top customer service and outstanding work. This summer the company is currently offering 100 dollars off any order. The offer is valid for any product and is provided to anyone who signs up to receive their emails. To sign-up, customers can visit their website and simply place their information into the popup on the homepage. Titan Sunrooms also offers free quotes to customers for upfront pricing. Along with up front pricing and the 100-dollar promotion, the company also has a variety of funding options for customers. This includes 12 months same as cash, monthly payments and 7% factory cash rebate. These offers allow homeowners flexibility when purchasing a sunroom or any other product from Titan Sunrooms. Titan Sunrooms is offering the discount to boost community morale, since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected so many family vacations this year. Adding a sunroom, block shed or pergola to a home can create a “staycation” feel in the backyard for many homeowners. Titan Sunrooms has been serving the community for over 20 years and is family owned and operated. They offer a variety of products perfect for Florida summers including screen rooms, glass rooms and pergolas in Fort Walton Beach FL. For more information about the 100 discount or any of the Titan Sunrooms Products give them a call at (850) 244-4474 or visit them online at ###For more information about Titan Sunrooms FWB, contact the company here:Titan Sunrooms FWBFred Genkin(850) 244-4474sunrooms.fortwaltonbeach@gmail.com5680 Gulf Breeze Pkwy #5 Gulf Breeze, FL 32563ReleaseID: 60036380

Unity Spine & Joint Is for People Looking for Pain Clinics in IndianapolisUnity Spine & Joint Is for People Looking for Pain Clinics in Indianapolis
May 29, 2020

Unity Spine & Joint Is for People Looking for Pain Clinics in Indianapolis

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Unity Spine & Joint is for people who are looking for pain clinics in Indianapolis. This was revealed by their spokesperson, Dr. Thomas Morgan. They are part of Unity Physician Services, which offers a full-service concierge service that is committed to assisting providers and their patients to decrease stress, be happier, and lead better lives. They are focused on practicing responsible pain management and pain relief through holistic chiropractors and experienced doctors. They have a wide array of services and specialties that are not usually found in typical pain management clinics. With the proper diagnostic testing, medical procedures, and chiropractic and physical medicine modalities, they are able to provide customized treatment solutions for chronic pain. They want to stress that they will not mask symptoms with medication but instead will help patients achieve optimal health. Dr. Morgan says, “The goal of pain management is to achieve optimal comfort, function, and quality of life with minimal side effects from analgesic therapy. In some cases, prescription management, or pharmacological intervention, will be utilized along with our other natural therapies and treatments. NSAIDs are effective analgesics, but their side effect potential requires cautious use. We recommend that you take the lowest dose available to deal with pain. Opioids are effective in the short-term, but there has been overwhelming evidence against any long-term benefits.” He continues, “When we choose pharmacological Intervention, we are also going to complement natural treatment techniques with the medication. The synergies that can be created between this combination can prove to be extremely effective to most patients.” Other treatments offered by Unity Spine & Joint include trigger point injections, joint injection, chiropractic therapy, physical medicine modalities, epidurals, medial branch blocks, facet injection, radio frequency neuroablation, nerve blocks, low dose steroid injections, males testosterone therapy, and treating pain caused by auto accidents. Unity Spine & Joint can serve the needs of those who require male testosterone therapy in Indianapolis. Through this therapy, supported by appropriate nutrition and moderate exercise, aging men may be able to experience dramatic life-changing improvements. There are a number of indications of low testosterone that can be corrected by male testosterone therapy. These signs include weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased energy, irritability, pain and inflammation, poor recovery, decreased libido, decreased memory, depression, difficulty sleeping, and erectile changes. They also offer trigger point injections for treating pain at trigger points that are created when a muscle has been overworked or injured, and a small knot of muscle will develop and cause pain in the area. Referred pain may also be caused that is connected to different parts of the body because the trigger point happens to be sitting on or near a nerve. The injections are commonly made up of safe low-dose steroids and may include a local anesthetic. The steroid is used to decrease inflammation and catalyze the healing of muscle tissue, while the anesthetic is for pain relief. Chiropractic therapy may also be provided by Unity Spine & Joint as a non-surgical solution for back pain and other health conditions that may benefit from a balanced spine and nervous system. This type of therapy may be used for upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, sciatic pain, and bulging/herniated disc. It focuses on balancing the spine to stabilize surrounding groups and joints. It is based on the principle that an aligned spine and balanced body will enhance the nervous system’s effectiveness and restore the ability of the body to heal itself naturally. With physical medicine modalities, physical agents are utilized to create therapeutic changes in biologic tissues. These include thermal, light, acoustic, electric, or mechanical energy. Common forms of physical medicine modalities include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, phonophoresis, traction, iontophoresis, paraffin, moist heat, and transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS). People who are interested in chiropractic treatment in Indianapolis or other treatments may want to check out the Unity Spine & Joint website, or contact them on the phone, or through email. ###For more information about Unity Spine & Joint, contact the company here:Unity Spine & JointDr. Thomas Morgan602-603-4077tom@unitydoctors.com4765 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe AZ 85282ReleaseID: 60036307

A Sunroom Company in Pensacola, FL is Highlighting Recent OfferA Sunroom Company in Pensacola, FL is Highlighting Recent Offer
May 29, 2020

A Sunroom Company in Pensacola, FL is Highlighting Recent Offer

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Pensacola, Fla. – Titan Sunrooms is a trusted and well-liked sunroom company in Pensacola, FL, offering customers 100 dollars off their next order. In order to receive the discount, customers most simply sign up to receive their emails. The offer is on their website and is provided as a pop-up as soon as one enters the website, making it extremely simple for their beloved customers to redeem. There is no limit on the order amount or the product that must be purchased to redeem the 100 dollars off. The offer is valid for all purchases including their new block house sheds. Titan Sunrooms is also offering free quotes for all products, giving their customers the ability to know upfront what the total cost will be. The company also offers three funding options to its customers to help offset the costs. The options include monthly payments, 12 months same as cash and 7% factory cash rebate. With these options, a free quote, and 100 dollars off now is the time to invest in a sunroom. Titan Sunrooms has been family owned and operated for the past 2 decades and is the trusted name for screen room installation in Pensacola, FL. The company uses factory direct materials keeping the cost low for customers. Titan Sunrooms offers a verity of products including patio covers, block house sheds and patio enclosures. For more information on the 100 dollar promotion or Titan Sunrooms products give them a call at (850) 916-7660 or visit them online at ###For more information about Titan Sunrooms Pensacola, contact the company here:Titan Sunrooms PensacolaFred Genkin(850) 916-7660Sunrooms.Pensacola@gmail.com5680 Gulf Breeze PkwyGulf Breeze, FL 32563ReleaseID: 60036378

Weddings with Motion Adds ZoomWeddings with Motion Adds Zoom
May 29, 2020

Weddings with Motion Adds Zoom

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Weddings with Motion, a Tinley Park, Illinois based wedding videography service, would like to announce the addition of Zoom video consultations to their long list of services and options. The new option to use Zoom for consultations will ensure that Weddings with Motion can provide better service to their clients in and around the Illinois area even if it is currently very difficult to move around or meet people. Given the COVID-19 crisis, the addition will likely help the company continue to provide service to their clients while still observing all social distancing directives. “In effort to give you the full experience of meeting face to face while still working to limit in person encounters due to COVID-19, we are now offering Zoom and FaceTime video consultations for all couples. We are here to make this transition that much easier for you! Schedule your Zoom or Facetime call on our site,” the wedding photography service says. Weddings with Motion is a team of creatives who are always looking to push the boundaries of what wedding photography and videography can be. The studio makes it their job to capture their clients’ weddings in the most unique and compelling way possible. Weddings With Motion’s goal is to not only capture stunning images, but to capture the intimate, personal details of each clients’ wedding day and to tell their unique story through video so that they can remember and relive those special moments forever. One aspect that separates Weddings with Motion from similar services is the fact that they make an effort to get to know their clients. The first step with Weddings with Motion is always a meeting—face to face during normal times and over Zoom during the current crisis. The photography service believes that it is essential to build some sort of relationship with their clients. Meeting with the client is the best way to determine whether or not their needs and wants are compatible with the kind of services offered by the studio. “Each wedding is unique and personal in their own ways,” says Weddings with Motion. “Every couple has a unique vision for how their special day will go, and they often have very specific wants when it comes to how the day is captured. What all couples have in common, however, is that their wedding days always feature beautiful, precious moments. We believe in capturing these moments down to the finest details. We offer three main video packages that are designed to give you a quality over quantity product. If you're looking to add on more, we offer a full range of extra services, including aerial drone video footage.” Usually, Weddings with Motion will break down the day into four sections: the bridal and groom preparation, the ceremony, the creative session and the reception. Weddings with Motion’s team often spends the day with the couple from the early stages of preparation to the reception, capturing every important moment during the day. Many of the wedding photography service’s clients have left excellent reviews of their experience. “Rick is an amazing videographer and even better person. He made my bridal party so comfortable and was a joy to be around,” says a review from Olivia and Fred. “He also has an amazing way of hanging back in the shadows but capturing all the best moments. Book him now and don’t look back, he will make your special day look like a movie.” Another couple, Diana and Aaron, shares that, “If you are looking for a videographer, look no further, and just hope that Rick and his crew are available, because you won’t find better. Thank you to Rick and everyone else for making our wedding day perfect and for giving us a treasured memory for the rest of our lives. We can’t thank you enough for how perfectly you captured our love on that day.” For more information on Weddings with Motion and their services, visit the studio’s site. There are countless reviews from pleased couples and in-depth descriptions of everything the team can offer. ###For more information about Weddings With Motion, contact the company here:Weddings With MotionRick Wolf708-743-5099weddingswithmotion@gmail.com16321 64th Ct,Tinley Park, IL 60477ReleaseID: 60036333

Andover Dentist Offers Private General And Cosmetic Dentistry In HampshireAndover Dentist Offers Private General And Cosmetic Dentistry In Hampshire
May 29, 2020

Andover Dentist Offers Private General And Cosmetic Dentistry In Hampshire

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Andover, Hampshire, residents in need of a dentist need not look any further than Dental Concepts. The Andover dental clinic offers only private dentistry, and one can find both general and cosmetic dental treatments (such as Invisalign teeth straightening, dental implants, dental veneers and smile makeovers). Anyone in the area looking to have their teeth fixed can find exactly the service they are looking for at Dental Concepts. The dental clinic’s site can be found at Dental Concepts strives to provide the best dental service possible to the people of Andover. The clinic has a caring team of professionals who work together to produce the best results. Their support team is highly trained, and they work tirelessly to make each patient’s journey as comfortable as possible. Convenience is a major concern for many patients, and Dental Concepts is one of the most convenient dental offices in the area, thanks to the fact that all their facilities are under the same roof. They even have a large car park located outside the practice. All registered patients are eligible to receive NHS (at their Whitchurch clinic) and private dental treatment along with friendly opening timings. The Andover dental clinic offers all kinds of procedures, including general dentistry. “General dentistry is the overall maintenance of your oral hygiene and the health of your teeth,” the clinic says. “Dental Concepts have five highly competent general dentists who cater to the dental needs of our clients regardless of age. We are going to help you customise your dental hygiene plan according to your needs and desires. Your general dentist will diagnose your dental status, facilitate treatments and closely monitor your dental health status to prevent further damage, pains and other disease.” The clinic also offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening being among the most common. Teeth are stained by food, drink and smoking, leading to the loss of their natural white brilliance. Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive solution to the problem of stained teeth. Dental Concepts helps dozens of patients restore the brilliance of their smiles every year through teeth whitening, and the results are often amazing to behold. “More than 100,000 people get teeth whitening treatment in the UK every year,” says Dental Concepts. “There are a number of ways to whiten teeth. You’ve probably seen tons of over-the-counter whitening products at your local medical store, from whitening toothpastes to rinses to whitening strips and other types of DIY at-home treatments. Teeth whitening carried out in beauty salons by untrained staff or staff without dental qualifications puts your oral health at risk and is also illegal. The single most effective and safe way to whiten teeth is with a professional teeth whitening session in your dentist’s practice.” Visit for more information. Many of the dental clinic’s patients have left great reviews of Dental Concepts online. One patient, Carolyn, says, “Wonderful experience. I had to have a tooth extraction. The receptionist was wonderfully welcoming and made you feel at home. In fact, she made everybody feel at home. The surgeon and the surgeon assistant did their job wonderfully. I'm so impressed, I couldn't ask for any better. I'm really thankful for being able to attend that dental practice with such lovely people, thank you.” “What a wonderful place,” says another review from a patient named Ferlon. “The receptionist was incredibly funny, which calmed my nerves down, and the dental surgeon and her assistant were very friendly. They explained everything that was going to happen, which again helped to calm my nerves down. The root extraction was performed at a lovely leisurely pace, which again was very calming. Within minutes of my gum going numb, I was told that it was all over! I felt nothing! I felt no pain and definitely didn't experience any tugging. If only my local dentist practice was like this. A big thank you to the three amazing ladies that made my visit an enjoyable one.” Read more reviews of Dental Concepts at the following link: The team at Dental Concepts is ready to offer their services, and Andover residents in need of a reliable dentist are encouraged to make an appointment at their earliest convenience. ###For more information about Dental Concepts, contact the company here:Dental ConceptsDr. Manish Chitnis01264 313999info@dental-concepts.comDental Concepts, 1b, 132A Weyhill Rd, Andover SP10 3BE, United KingdomReleaseID: 60036283

Eau Claire Painter Celebrates 27 Years Serving Chippewa ValleyEau Claire Painter Celebrates 27 Years Serving Chippewa Valley
May 29, 2020

Eau Claire Painter Celebrates 27 Years Serving Chippewa Valley

May 29, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Eau Claire, Wisconsin based McFarlin Painting is delighted to announce that they are celebrating 27 years of service in Eau Claire and the entire Chippewa Valley area. The local, family-owned business attributes their success to honoring the golden rule: to treat their customers the way they would like to be treated. Speaking on behalf of McFarlin Painting, Chad McFarlin says, “Our customers know that we don’t add hidden expenses to their bill when we work with them to help transform their house into their ideal dream home. We also schedule the work around their calendar. Our priority is to ensure their complete satisfaction. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, we have worked with customers who need essential work completed, and we have adopted protective measures to keep both them and our staff safe.” The company offers free estimates for any project and will do their best to respond quickly to any telephone or online inquiry made through their website. Due to the lockdown, many have spent more time in their homes this season, giving them time to think and plan the home improvements and renovations they would like to have done. McFarlin Painting can help these homeowners achieve their dream, whether it is for one room or the entire home. In addition to their painting services, the company can also undertake drywall repair, smoothing out dents in the wall and ensuring that the finish is as perfect as possible. Those who want to turn their weather-beaten home into a glorious wood-stained and picturesque house that stands out in the hot summers and snowy winters can rely upon McFarlin Painting to get exactly the aesthetic they want. The effectiveness of their services can be explored by viewing the projects the company has highlighted on their YouTube channel. Attention to detail and complete customer satisfaction are key attributes that show up in these videos. Notably, this fact is reflected in their online customer reviews as well, and interested parties may find such reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook and Angie’s List. On Google, where the company has received a perfect 5-Star rating, a recent review from TS says, “If I could give 10 stars, I would! Chad and his crew are professional, considerate, fast and the best painters! They have painted numerous rooms in my house and outside staining. They complete the job quickly and efficiently. They are also great at cleaning up, and you will be hard pressed to find a spec of paint where it is not supposed to be. I highly recommend McFarlin Painting and look forward to working with them on all my future painting projects.” Another customer, Adam, states that, “I used McFarlin Painting to paint my house exterior. They were responsive, on time and did a great job. I would recommend them to a friend and would use them again.” A recent recommendation on Facebook serves to highlight the company’s integrity. The recommendation, from Dan Schiewitz, says, “My experience with Chad was rather unique. I was prepared to repaint my home prior to putting it on the market, and Chad did a site visit to provide a bid. Much to my amazement, he actually said the house didn't need a fresh coat of paint but rather a good power washing with a recommended solution. It's rare you find contractors of such integrity that they actually decline the money and serve the customer's best interests vs. their own. I applaud Chad and will recommend him to anyone I come in contact with, and hopefully his paying it forward will pay him back many times over. Thank you, Chad, for your honesty and guidance.” Chad McFarlin says, “Everyone here loves to read the reviews our customers leave online. We are grateful that they take time out of their busy days to leave honest feedback and recommend us to others. Our reputation is important to us, which is why we will always provide honest estimates and act with integrity as we carry out each and every project, no matter how large or small it is. Our satisfaction comes from seeing how beautiful the finished work is—and it is not finished until the customer says they are satisfied.” Those looking for a reliable, affordable painter in Eau Claire, Wisconsin are advised to get in touch with McFarlin Painting to discuss their future projects. Active social media users are welcome to connect with the company on Facebook as well. ###For more information about McFarlin Painting, contact the company here:McFarlin PaintingChad McFarlin715-492-1382info@mcfarlinpainting.com10367 26th Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703ReleaseID: 60036305

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