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China's trade surplus with U.S. hits record $34.1B in September as exports rise by double digits amid tariff war

Oct 12, 2018

China's trade surplus with U.S. hits record $34.1B in September as exports rise by double digits amid tariff war

India's #MeToo comes amid calls for 2013 law's enforcement

Oct 12, 2018

Indian actresses and writers are flooding social media with allegations of sexual harassment and assault, releasing pent-up frustration with a law that was lauded but critics say has done little to change the status quo

China says accusations against alleged spy 'out of thin air'

Oct 11, 2018

China says accusations against an alleged spy of attempting to steal trade secrets from several American aviation and aerospace companies were "made out of thin air"

Hong Kong to ban e-cigarettes, other new smoking products

Oct 10, 2018

Hong Kong plans to ban e-cigarettes and other new smoking products

India train cars derail, at least 5 people killed, 35 hurt

Oct 10, 2018

Police say an express train has partially derailed in northern India, killing five passengers and injuring dozens more

Russia to resume gas imports from Turkmenistan

Oct 9, 2018

The head of Russia's giant state-controlled gas company says it plans to resume imports from Turkmenistan after a three-year break over a pricing dispute

China promises not to weaken yuan, criticizes US concern

Oct 9, 2018

China promises not to weaken currency to boost exports, rejects US concern as irresponsible

Court frees arrested senior magazine editor in south India

Oct 9, 2018

A court in southern India has released the chief editor of a prominent magazine hours after he was arrested on charges of defaming the state governor

9 people killed in fiery blast at central India steel plant

Oct 9, 2018

Nine people have died in a fiery explosion at a steel plant in central India that produces rails for the government-run train system

China says detained former Interpol chief accused of bribery

Oct 8, 2018

Chinese authorities are scrambling to contain a public relations mess over the disappearance of the former Interpol president during a trip home to China

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