Music Producer In Phoenix Contributes To New Cheyenne Faith TrackMusic Producer In Phoenix Contributes To New Cheyenne Faith Track
Jan 19, 2021

Music Producer In Phoenix Contributes To New Cheyenne Faith Track

January 20, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Tempe, AZ based Phoenix Recording LLC would like to reach out to the wider public and share information about a new Cheyenne Faith song that they helped create. Cheyenne Faith recently recorded two new songs at Clearlake Recording Studios in North Hollywood, CA with CT Aletniq of Phoenix Recording as producer. The single ‘Bad for Me’ was written by Faith and released on all major platforms, including Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. It was mixed and edited by CT Aletniq in his private studio. Phoenix Recording has a team of musicians, recording engineers and music producers who work in top studios to help artists produce their best music. They craft and provide hip hop beats and pop instrumentals for artists all around the world. Their team of music experts can make any project come to life, be it Hip Hop, Pop, EDM or Jazz. They are able to work with any budget, and they also offer financing at select recording studios. Some people may hesitate to spend money on hiring music producers to help record their demos, mixtapes or albums. However, enlisting the assistance of music producers actually makes producing mixtapes and albums cost less and makes the music sound better. The skills and experience that experienced music producers bring can help save a large amount of time in the recording studio. They will also make sure that all musicians brought in are prepared and rehearsed to perform in a professional recording studio environment. Proper preparation is crucial, as recordings always have deadlines that have to be met. Music producers are capable of improving and staying focused on the sound that the artist wants to achieve — while making sure that everything is done on time. This makes recording albums and mixtapes much easier. In addition to professional music production, Phoenix Recording also offers beats for sale on their website. All beats and files that they offer are ready for studio use and are compatible with all industry standard digital audio workstations. The beats are made using the latest technology from Yamaha, Akai, Roland, Maschine, Reason, Logic, Cubase, Waves and Pro Tools. They offer three main options for their clients: the MP3 files that cost $9.95, the WAV files that cost $19.95 and the fully tracked out versions that cost $99.95. Phoenix Recording recommends the MP3 and the WAV versions for clients who are looking to purchase bits for their mixtapes while they recommend the 24 bit fully tracked out versions for clients who are planning to use the beats for more extensive music productions. Clients who purchase the MP3 and WAV version of the beats from Phoenix Recording may instantly download all purchased files and license agreements after the transaction. For the fully tracked out beats, Phoenix Recording sends a license to their clients within 48 hours of the purchase. Clients will then receive an email containing a link from which they can download the fully tracked out WAV files. While they are waiting for the license and download link, they will also be allowed to instantly download the 16 bit stereo WAV and MP3 versions of the beats they purchased. Clients may also request custom beats from Phoenix Recording by simply making a special request for free on the company’s contact page and giving the details of the instrumental beats. Phoenix Recording then reviews the request and gives a quote depending on what is needed to craft what the client wants. This process usually takes between 24-72 hours. Phoenix Recording also allows artists to request for modifications to beats that can already be found on their website. In some cases, these modifications can be done quickly and at a low price. Clients may also purchase beats and ask for Phoenix Recording to take it down from their site permanently. Phoenix Recording has received great reviews for their services. Vicente A Ruiz says in a 5-Star Google review, “Always a pleasant experience working with Phoenix Recording. Professional, insightful and very knowledgeable in the field of recording. I’ve recommended more than one person to them and will continue to do so.” Seth Machine says in another 5-Star Google review, “If you want that futuristic sound, this is the place to be. I've been recording over a year here, and I have been able to accomplish a lot more than I thought I ever could in music. Not only will you find your sound here, but you will grow as an artist working here!” Artists who are looking for a professional music producer in Phoenix may check out the Phoenix Recording LLC website for more details. They can also be found on multiple social media platforms. ###For more information about Phoenix Recording LLC, contact the company here:Phoenix Recording LLCCT Aletniq213-538-2969producer@phoenixrecording.comTempe, AZ 85281ReleaseID: 60040776

Victory Building Earns Reputation For Best MN Office Building Cleaning ServicesVictory Building Earns Reputation For Best MN Office Building Cleaning Services
Jan 19, 2021

Victory Building Earns Reputation For Best MN Office Building Cleaning Services

January 20, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Victory Building Services has been reviewed as one of the best office cleaners in Minneapolis. The company provides office cleaning and other maintenance services in and around Minneapolis, and their clients have proved to be satisfied with the company’s service. Learn more here: Victory Building Services - Office Cleaning. Many cleaning companies only remove surface dirt and look to cover up bad smells instead of addressing the source. When one hires a professional cleaning service like Victory Building Services, they get the attention of a team of professionals who work to leave offices in immaculate condition by deep cleaning to remove hidden bacteria and more. The company pays close attention to detail when cleaning, and one can rest assured that their office space will be thoroughly clean once Victory is done. “Obviously, as a business hiring cleaning services, you would prefer a much more detail-oriented company,” says Victory Building Services. “After all, you want a company that is going to go above and beyond their duties to ensure that you have optimal cleanliness and a healthy environment for your workforce and customers. Choosing the right cleaning company really comes down to figuring out which one is going to offer you the most value. Given that the health, wellness and productivity of your workforce are at stake, finding a company that offers comprehensive cleaning solutions is crucial.” The majority of business activities are carried out in the workspace, which makes it very important to keep these spaces clean and organized. Failure to do so can result in compromised productivity. TCFM’s services help keep work spaces in great condition. Good office building cleaning services pay attention to certain details when cleaning workspaces. Victory Building Services - Commercial Cleaning Company, makes sure to disinfect and clean drinking fountains, empty out all of the trash bins and replace all of the liners, dust all furniture and upholstery and even spot clean both wall switches and door frames—which are areas that employees tend to touch quite often. Victory Building Services is owned and run by Erik Berghoff. He founded the company after deciding he did not want to work behind a desk forever. “I worked at a local, corporate company here in Minneapolis,” says Berghoff. “After a few years, I knew I no longer wanted to work behind a desk and that owning a business was a dream I was dedicated to pursue. I decided I wanted to get into the janitorial service industry because the majority of operations happen during the evening hours. This was a huge benefit because, at the time, I still was working the desk job during the day. After starting the business, I partnered up with another local janitorial service company, MN Services, who have been a tremendous help to me and my business over the years. I strive to learn something new every day about the industry and to use the knowledge gained to advance my business as well as our employees.” Berghoff is dedicated to providing excellent service, and his efforts have been noticed by his clients. A number of people have left great reviews of the company online, talking about their experiences with the cleaning service. The company’s Google page has dozens of 5-Star reviews from customers. One review from a client named Lauren Weiler states, “We switched to these guys after having multiple issues with our previous cleaners. We were looking for someone who could do the job consistently, week after week, without things falling through the cracks. We are happy that we switched over! If anything was missed or needs additional attention, Erik is very responsive and makes sure things are done right.” Another client says in their own 5-Star Google review, “We had a bad experience with another company that was barely cleaning our business. After we started with Victory Building Services, it has been a complete change. We are so happy with the cleaning, and they have been so responsive to our questions and requests. We're really happy we switched over to them!” Minneapolis residents in need of a reliable office cleaning service can learn more about Victory Building Services online at their website. They may get in touch with Erik Berghoff to follow up on any further inquiries as well. ###For more information about Victory Building Services, contact the company here:Victory Building ServicesErik Berghoff(952) 207-5347eberghoff@victorybuildingservices.comVictory Building Services5310 W 16th STSt. Louis Park, MN 55416 60036347

The EMS ISO Agent Program Shares Tips on Becoming A Successful ISO AgentThe EMS ISO Agent Program Shares Tips on Becoming A Successful ISO Agent
Jan 19, 2021

The EMS ISO Agent Program Shares Tips on Becoming A Successful ISO Agent

January 20, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Electronic Merchant Services is the industry leader in merchant services and payment processing solutions. EMS has recently shared a blog post entitled, “How To Be A Successful ISO Agent,” stressing the need to be exceptional and have a desire to learn and grow. The blog post emphasizes the importance of being the best with an extensive portfolio of exceptional services in order to offer the best customer service. EMS shares specific qualities and traits to be the best ISO Agent to be successful. The article explains that an ISO Agent sells credit card processing and services to merchants with a focus to improve the payment processing experience for customers and increasing customer retention. The top merchant services provider asserts on fulfilling customer needs in order to stay ahead of the competition. This includes back-office optimization, consulting services, and anti-fraud products. “Merchants want an agent that can give them everything they need and improve how their business functions. Back office mechanics and efficiency should be completely optimized allowing for a smooth and secure payment processing service. If you can offer all of these services, merchants will use you and recommend you to others,” the article states. The merchant services provider emphasizes the importance of specialization in a niche for an ISO agent for better customer service and business growth through referrals. Another important aspect of a successful ISO agent is to be passionate about work, states the top electronic merchant services provider, warning that the lack of passion reflects in products and services. Customers will go to the competition that offers the best services and pays attention to the details. The importance of keeping current with technology and industry trends cannot be ignored, states the article. Offering the best solutions for customers and being aware of the latest developments in the field can help develop an edge over the competition. “When you show them what you can do for them, they will embrace your services,” Matt Shepard, EVP of EMS’ ISO Agent Program states. Customers value knowledgeable sales representatives and would love to return for advice in the future. Another important point for success as an ISO agent is to invest in customers and education. Knowledge is power, asserts the article, adding that a strong understanding of one’s industry and customers will help ISO agents position themselves better and solve customer pain points. “Knowing which POS systems, products, and services will benefit their business will differentiate you from other ISO agents because you are devoting time to help the business owner develop a plan for success,” Matt says. The right merchant service provider is the best partner for an ISO agent, who can offer excellent opportunities for their growth and success. Electronic Merchant Services is the best payment processor for ISO agents. As EMS partners, ISO agents have an opportunity to get the brand status that is known for excellence and customer service. EMS allows its merchant service agents to white-label their portfolio to benefit from the look and feel of an advanced marketing team without extra cost. EMS prides itself on providing support and transparency for merchants to help grow their portfolio. Anybody keen to take their business to the next level as the best ISO agent should become a partner with the best merchant services provider. To become an ISO agent with EMS, fill in the form on its website. ###For more information about Electronic Merchant Systems, contact the company here:Electronic Merchant SystemsMatt Shepard(800) 726-2117info@emscorporate.com250 W Huron Rd #400Cleveland, OH 44113ReleaseID: 60040955

Advanced Health and Education Creates Mental Health and Substance Treatment Community for LGBTQ+Advanced Health and Education Creates Mental Health and Substance Treatment Community for LGBTQ+
Jan 19, 2021

Advanced Health and Education Creates Mental Health and Substance Treatment Community for LGBTQ+

January 20, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Eatontown, New Jersey—Fear of violence, harassment, discrimination, and stigma can increase the LGBTQ+ community’s risk for developing substance use and mental health disorders. These are key reasons Advanced Health and Education developed its Perspectives program for LGBTQ+ clients. According to recent analysis of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, of adults identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB), 2.6 million have a substance use disorder and 6.8 million have a mental illness. Thirteen percent have both a mental illness and a substance use disorder. Fifty percent—or 1.4 million LGB people—struggle with illicit drugs. Three out of every five—or 1.7 million—struggle with alcohol, and one in six—or 426,000 LGB people—struggle with both alcohol and drugs. Two out of every five LGB people—or 2.6 million—with a mental illness, have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. According to the report, these figures may be traced to the stress factors added upon them that are not faced by the majority of the population regarding gender confusion, family rejection (resulting in an increased risk of homelessness), discrimination with employment or housing, and potential for physical violence from others. “LGBTQ+ clients face unique challenges in their journeys from recovery addiction. Feelings of loneliness, isolation, and rejection can lead to mental health issues that complicate recovery while making it difficult to build a support system,” according to Advanced Health and Education’s Founder and CEO Arel Meister-Aldama. “Advanced Health and Education’s Perspectives program provides a dedicated community for LGBTQ+ clients through weekly meetings. Clients have a safe space to share their common experiences, work through challenges with their group leader, and build support for one another.” Advanced Health and Education is located 90 minutes from New York City and Philadelphia in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Its program has multiple levels of outpatient care to treat clients with mental health or substance use disorders. Its program structure integrates physical health and mental health as part of recovery and includes alternative therapies, such as chiropractic services, acupuncture, and yoga. It also provides aftercare support services. ###For more information about Advanced Health & Education, contact the company here:Advanced Health & Education(732) 3 Corbett WayEatontown, NJ 07724ReleaseID: 60040954

Dentist In Andover Announces Private Dental Treatments During Covid LockdownDentist In Andover Announces Private Dental Treatments During Covid Lockdown
Jan 19, 2021

Dentist In Andover Announces Private Dental Treatments During Covid Lockdown

January 20, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Andover, United Kingdom-based Dental Concepts is pleased to announce that they are continuing to provide private cosmetic dental treatments during the lockdown. Dental Concepts assures their community that they take all mandatory safety precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of their patients and staff. More information can be found on the Dental Concepts website: Dental Concepts is a private dental practice that specializes in offering a variety of treatments, such as dental implants, Invisalign, dental veneers and smile makeovers. In Andover, they offer private dental treatments to patients (while following the best practice standards set by the department of health regarding infection control and cleanliness). Dental Concepts has a professional team that works together to achieve the best result. This team of dental clincians is assisted and supported by an excellent team of nurses and treatment coordinators that is dedicated to helping patients have a comfortable journey. One of the most popular treatments that Dental Concepts offers is teeth whitening. Teeth can lose their natural white shade due to stains caused by the foods and drinks that people consume. They can also darken when people smoke. There are several methods through which teeth whitening can be done, including various over-the-counter whitening products that offer buyers options from whitening toothpastes and rinses to whitening strips and other types of at-home treatments. People can even choose to get teeth whitening treatments at beauty salons. However these treatments are done by people who do not have the necessary training and qualifications needed to carry them out. This does not only put an individual’s oral health in danger, it is also illegal. It is much better to receive teeth whitening treatments at qualified dental clinics, such as Dental Concepts. Fortunately, the teeth whitening services that Dental Concepts offers can change and restore the color of the teeth safely to further enhance the beauty of a person’s smile. Dental Concepts uses the Enlighten Evolution Premium Whitening treatment for their teeth whitening treatments. The Enlighten Evolution Premium Whitening consists of a combination of 2 weeks of home treatment and a 1 hour visit to the dentist. This dental procedure uses oxygen to break down stain molecules and increase teeth permeability. Enlighten Whitening is considered one of the best teeth whitening treatments in terms of performance since it can lead to up to 16 shades of whitening. The results also last for a long time, as long as the treatment is executed well and proper maintenance is undertaken by the patient. Dental Concepts offers other services, such as dental implant treatments, dental porcelain veneers, smile makeovers and more. Complete details about their services can be found on their website. Interested parties can also stay updated with the news and announcements from Dental Concepts here: Dental Concepts has received excellent reviews for their dental treatments. Michael H. says in a 5-Star Google review, “Phoned in an emergency after extreme pain and my regular dentist not caring that four more days was unmanageable, having rang several others that only seemed concerned about booking me in for a check. To my delight and surprise this was no problem for them. Their only concern was that I was in extreme pain, and despite antibiotics and painkillers, this had not subsided for 72 hours. I was asked to come in immediately for an X-ray and immediate extraction. No one likes the dentist, but I officially love this team now. I will be recommending them to family, friends and all those who read this review.” Lucy H. says in another Google review, “Recently, my 62-year-old 'milk tooth' broke off, leaving me with the dread of having the root taken out. Manish was amazing, knowing me from previous treatments. He explained that he would build a new tooth on the remains of my old one. The work was done in an hour, the result was amazing. I couldn't tell the difference from the one next to it. No pain, no stress and truly wonderful just before Christmas to have my smile back. Manish is an amazing person and outstanding dentist. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Dental Concepts to anyone, especially nervous or anxious patients.” Those looking for a top dentist in Andover may check out Dental Concepts’ website for more details. Patients may also contact the dental office directly to schedule an appointment. Driving instructions to Dental Concepts in Andover can be obtain here: ###For more information about Dental Concepts Andover, contact the company here:Dental Concepts AndoverDr. Manish Chitnis01264 313999info@dental-concepts.comDental Concepts, 1b, 132A Weyhill Rd, Andover SP10 3BE, United KingdomReleaseID: 60040712

The Atlas Group adds Corbin Raines to their list of professional property managersThe Atlas Group adds Corbin Raines to their list of professional property managers
Jan 19, 2021

The Atlas Group adds Corbin Raines to their list of professional property managers

LAS VEGAS - Jan. 19, 2021 - PRLog -- What could be better than a property manager that puts his clients needs ahead of his own?  A manager that also has experience in both customer service and general residential repairs and maintenance.  While most companies were downsizing during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Atlas Group LC was in the process of expanding.Corbin had been associated with the Atlas Group, on and off for a number of years in various capacities.  Eventually, in June 2020 Corbin decided to make the move permanent.  Corbin has a way of easing both owners and tenants stress with his maintenance knowledge and customer service skills.  Almost everything he touches is a "one and done" operation.  Hashing out a situation over and over rarely leads to a different solution or conclusion for most challenges.  Having a maintenance and repair background helps owners save money and improves tenant relations by getting things done quickly and correctly the first time.Their continual growth can be attributed to accessible experienced management, bilingual personnel, and very reasonable fees.  Their office is not hampered by layers of authority or divisions of labor. At the Atlas Group LC they train their people to be able to do just about everything.  It is very frustrating for an owner or a tenant to deal with several different people to get a couple of easy questions answered.  Some firms have one person handle maintenance, another person shows property, someone else inspects property, and another person handles all the finances.  This is frustrating and confusing for everyone.   At the Atlas Group an owner or a tenant only has to talk to one efficient property manager to get all their questions answered.   In addition, their owners are not locked into a long term contract.   The Atlas Group LC wants owners to stay with them because of what they do for their clients, not because they're contractually forced to.To learn more about the Atlas Group LC and their property management services offered in the greater Las Vegas area, please call them at (702) 916-2200 or visit them online at Raines***@property-mgmt.comPhotos: (Click photo to enlarge) Read Full Story - The Atlas Group adds Corbin Raines to their list of professional property managers | More news from this sourcePress release distribution by PRLog

Calgary Digital Promotion Agency Email Marketing Strategy Growth Guide LaunchedCalgary Digital Promotion Agency Email Marketing Strategy Growth Guide Launched
Jan 19, 2021

Calgary Digital Promotion Agency Email Marketing Strategy Growth Guide Launched

A new guide to email marketing has been launched by the team at U Win Marketing. The expert team aims to help more business owners achieve their growth goals.

Parenting Principles For Healthy Kids Development Reading Habits Guide LaunchedParenting Principles For Healthy Kids Development Reading Habits Guide Launched
Jan 19, 2021

Parenting Principles For Healthy Kids Development Reading Habits Guide Launched

A new successful parenting guide has been launched by Kids Learning To Read. It covers seven principles to raise children in the most effective way, and highlights the impact of reading habits on future success.

Baltimore MD Deck Builder Custom Rooftop Patio Construction Refinishing LaunchedBaltimore MD Deck Builder Custom Rooftop Patio Construction Refinishing Launched
Jan 19, 2021

Baltimore MD Deck Builder Custom Rooftop Patio Construction Refinishing Launched

Deck Builder Baltimore, MD LLC, a Maryland-based construction contractor, has launched expanded building and restoration services for rooftop and backyard patios.

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing Strategies For Business Owners Report LaunchedMobile-Friendly Email Marketing Strategies For Business Owners Report Launched
Jan 19, 2021

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing Strategies For Business Owners Report Launched

A report on mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns has been launched by U Win Marketing. The team explain it is one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase sales and awareness.

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