Baltimore Wildlife Control Company Warns Residents About Raccoons And Squirrels Invading Homes During Fall Season

Oct 8, 2019

October 09, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - On The Fly Pest Solutions, a pest control and wildlife removal company based in Pikesville, Maryland, has issued a warning to Baltimore residents that raccoons and squirrels will be looking to enter homes and attics during the fall season. These nuisance animals can be a real problem when they get inside the home. Unfortunately, during the colder seasons, they will seek warmer places and they may seek den sites in the attic and similar places in the home. The On The Fly wildlife control team is experienced in removing squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife animals from homes.

Shlomo Simenowitz, wildlife division manager for On The Fly Pest Solutions, says, “Our team is committed to solving human-wildlife conflicts in a safe and sustainable manner for all involved. We provide exclusion services, wildlife services and emergency animal removal for Baltimore County and surrounding Maryland counties. To schedule a wildlife evaluation with one of our highly trained and certified technicians, call our office.”

Raccoons in the home can destroy attic insulation and wooden structural beams in the attic and other parts of the home. They may also tear up screens and damage attic fans and vents, including ductwork. Squirrels in the home can chew on the woodwork inside or around the outside of the home. They can also destroy insulation and they often build nests and cause fire hazards because of their tendency to gnaw electrical wires leaving the live wire exposed. Also, while squirrels seem to be passive, they can be aggressive with people at certain times, especially when babies are involved.

This fall season, homeowners are advised to be on the lookout for wildlife that may have found their way inside the home. The wildlife team at On The Fly Pest Solutions is fully trained and licensed to remove various kinds of nuisance animals, including squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, bats, invasive birds, skunks, voles, beaver, groundhogs, moles, opossums, snakes, mice, and rats. Those who are interested in learning more about the company can check out the On The Fly Facebook page.

Raccoons are capable of adapting to whatever surroundings they are in, and living near people is one of their favorite environments. This is because people can be a source of food and shelter for them and their young. Unfortunately, they can cause a lot of damage to the home and on top of that, they can be a carrier of diseases including rabies, canine distemper, and bacterial, raccoon roundworm or fungal infections that can pose a health risk for the family.

But removing raccoons from the home can be quite difficult and illegal for a homeowner looking for DIY raccoon removal methods. They have to be trapped and removed by a licensed trapper and wildlife exclusion measures must be taken to ensure that they won’t return. For raccoons with babies, the babies may have to be removed first before the mother can be removed depending on the location of the litter. They also point out that repellents don’t actually work, including the ultrasonic sound emitters. The only real solution is to call a licensed wildlife removal specialist who has the experience in humanely removing animals, cleanup, damage repairs and in performing animal proofing measures.

Squirrels are also attracted to homes because of the warmth provided and because they are sources of food for them and their young. But just like with raccoons, they can cause a lot of damage to the home. The problem is that they have to chew constantly to keep their teeth healthy, with the result that they will chew on wood, ductwork, pvc pipes, and even the electrical wires. This can cause serious problems for the home, including fire hazards, damaged attic insulation, and weakening of structural support beams of the home.

The process of removing squirrels from the home involves humane squirrel trapping and removal, damage repairs, and exclusionary measures. The wildlife removal specialist should use humane traps to get rid of squirrels and any babies from the home may need to be hand removed. One-way doors can be installed in certain situations as well to allow the animals to get out but will not allow them to get back in.

Those who are interested in wildlife removal services in Baltimore and nearby areas can visit the On The Fly Pest Solutions website, or contact them through the telephone. They are open from Monday to Thursday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Fridays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


For more information about On The Fly Pest Solutions, contact the company here:

On The Fly Pest Solutions
Shlomo Simenowitz
(410) 982-5050
5 Church Ln Unit 102, Pikesville, MD 21208

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