Craft Beer Industry And Micro Breweries Badly Hit By COVID-19

Jun 3, 2020

Is right when asking, “Could Coronavirus force 60% of US Craft Breweries to shutter?”

Atlanta, Jun 3, 2020 ( - Worries spread within the craft beer community that COVID-19 could have a devastating impact on the craft breweries and that the marketplace will look completely different at the re-opening?

"We fear that a lot of breweries won't survive the pandemic and will have to close shop after the shutdown," said Michel Nilles, co-owner of MicroCraftBreweries. He added, "Many of our readers would love to help but they don't know how."

MicroCraftBreweries has decided to launch a program "Hops And Malt Partnership Deal" for craft beer shops and breweries to help them get the word out to the communities and the craft beer lovers who wish to help them survive the crisis.

"The idea is that craft beer breweries and shops get help with reaching out to the community," Nilles said. He continued, "We won't give up without a fight and we are here to assist breweries to kickstart their business and raise awareness for the difficulties they are in right now."

As one of the top 25,000 websites in the U.S. according to Alexa, MicroCraftBreweries consistently reaches a growing readership of beer enthusiasts. The blog also reaches 20,000 beer enthusiasts through its weekly newsletter, publishing articles and news about all things craft beer. Co-Owner Michel Nilles hopes that, through their readership, MicroCraftBreweries will help spread the word for breweries in trouble.

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Source :Michel Nilles - PR Consultant

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