Furnace Repair Edmonton Arrives In Fort Saskatchewan

Oct 17, 2019

October 18, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Edmonton, AB based Furnace Repair Edmonton is pleased to announce that they have opened a new location in Fort Saskatchewan. The furnace company stands ready to offer all the highly praised services they are known for, and local residents are invited to reach out as soon as they notice any issues with their furnaces.

Bob Bies of Furnace Repair Edmonton states, “The success and customer support that we have enjoyed at our other locations speaks for itself, and it has allowed us to branch out even further to deliver our services to the communities in Fort Saskatchewan. If you’re familiar with our company at all, you’ll be pleased to know that we are operating at full capacity. Any service you have known us to offer at Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or Spruce Grove will be at your disposal as and when you require it. We wanted to ensure that our customers would have access to the full range of our abilities as soon as we opened, and that’s exactly what we have done.”

Most importantly, according to Bies, residents who require emergency furnace repair will be able to rely on the company to provide a prompt response. Given that the region is heading deeper into the winter months, the company is well aware of the fact that furnaces around the country will soon be in constant operation, if they aren’t already. He explains, “A breakdown can result in extremely dire consequences for you and your family, especially if it coincides with harsh weather. For this reason, one of the first actions we took when we began setting up was to ensure our emergency response times would suffer no loss in efficiency. The moment you need us, do not hesitate to call. We’ve made sure that nothing will stop us getting to your house as quickly as possible.”

Going hand in hand with this approach, the company has taken measures to build a local team of equally capable furnace technicians. Bies says that, “A very distinct part of our goal is to give you the benefit of 24 hour emergency heating. No matter what time of day or night your unit breaks down, our team will be able to complete repairs with as much efficiency as they would at any of our other locations. You always get the best when you call on Furnace Repair Edmonton.”

This statement is echoed on the company’s main website, where they say, “Furnace Repair Edmonton is completely committed to ensuring that your home heating and cooling system is working efficiently and safely 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Not only is our staff fully accredited and highly skilled with all brands of HVAC units, they are extremely friendly. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We won't leave your house until you have a huge smile on your face.”

However, Bies warns that furnace owners who come to rely too much on their furnace’s ability to start up again each winter may be in for a shock if they do not carry out essential maintenance on a regular schedule. While the company is always available to help out a customer in need, he notes that people most likely will not want to endure the hassle of waiting for a repair service to arrive if their unit were to break down unexpectedly. He says, “We can be at your residence on short notice, true, but there will always be a period you have to wait in the cold until your unit is repaired or replaced. This inconvenience is completely unnecessary, however, because you can always have your unit looked at prior before it breaks down at all.” Bies advises customers to reach out to the company as soon as they notice any minor trouble with their unit, explaining, “If we can check your unit early, whether during a scheduled maintenance session or because you heard it making odd noises, we will often be able to correct any issues before they culminate in a full, and more expensive, breakdown.”

Those who wish to sign up for such a Furnace Repair Edmonton Maintenance Plan may reach out to Bob Bies or contact the company’s customer support line to get started. More information can also be found on their website, and interested parties may also connect with the company through their social media platforms to follow up on any quick inquiries they may have.


For more information about Furnace Repair Edmonton, contact the company here:

Furnace Repair Edmonton
Bob Bies
14843 118 Ave NW, #101 Edmonton, AB T5L 2M7

ReleaseID: 60031731

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