HOLMAR is the Manuel Ros luxury vehicle for business partnerships

Apr 12, 2020

London, Apr 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - The Italian entrepreneur created his leisure company to support his primary business needs.

There are exiting so many ways to do business. Still, the method chosen by Manuel Ros is unusual for the majority of the entrepreneurs, confirming his determination to achieve goals using capacities and strategies for which is capable of deploying.

In 2015 he founded HOLMAR HOLDING, a personal and standalone company financed by his private equities, having the corporate mission to invest in third existing companies operating in the leisure industry, proposing luxury holidays on superyachts, villas on dreaming destinations and entertainments.

The move has been stimulated by the need to meet particular personalities driving corporates of Manuel Ros interests. The founder said, "I had a lot of business to share with some key person, but their position in their company made them so busy that I could not get a chance to arrange a meeting. I understood that the only time available out of their professional schedule was their free time".

On this vision, Manuel Ros decided to invest his capital into a company that would have to allow him to attract business personalities to spend free time on holidays, offered by the Italian entrepreneur. Following this method, he found the right way to augment his relationships portfolio for the benefit of his business empire under FINSOR HOLDING.

HOLMAR today has shares into third companies that own superyachts, villas in magic destinations like the British Virgin Islands, restaurants for fine dining and night clubs, an extensive portfolio of assets that have been created and used to support Manuel Ros business strategies.

This reputation for being a "shark" has been once again confirmed by the present decision to invest into luxury and prime assets with the only intention to offering the benefit of the pleasure to his business relationships. The HOLMAR's founder uses to invite people, that could not meet during an ordinary week's business time to spend free time on holidays with him using the various solution belonging to the HOLMAR portfolio.

"If you cannot meet someone during office time, you must meet him when he has time; sometimes a diner is attractive enough, often a special holiday is required because it is the only solution. Everybody and especially hard workers businessman's enjoy luxury holidays that do not reject easily", explain Manuel Ros. The investment began for his personal business needs, but now the successful organization made behind HOLMAR reflects a private company capable of offering luxury holidays to everybody.

In the beginning, he bought one of the splendid villas, actually promoted on the HOLMAR website, for himself where he uses to spend his private holidays surrounded by friends and beautiful girls. As a second investment, he acquired shares on a company that was owning a superyacht docked in the magnificent Caribbean Sea. With these other investments, been made to buy fine dining restaurants and glamour night clubs, over various cities where Manuel Ros have interests. 

His leisure company HOLMAR became co-owner of a rich portfolio of assets, transforming a luxury business vehicle for private use into a club of wealthy people that exchange business opportunities for the benefit of their corporates, drinking raffinate cocktails being seating over the best luxury locations on earth, confirming Manuel Ros vision.

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