Multi-Billion Dollar FINSOR FUND is the latest creation of Manuel Ros

Mar 16, 2020

London, Mar 16, 2020 ( - "Authentic business, projects, and ideas have not to limit to the expansion", said Manuel Ros, that seem have adopted a precise strategy to develop his large organization through management tactics that made him the nickname of "The Shark", this is how he is defined by the financial sector operators.

FINSOR FUND INC is a private investment fund created by Manuel Ros with the mission to heavily investing in various business industries where the group has decided to operate, without involving third external investor capitals and consents.

The Fund is based in the USA and will own at 100% other 6 major subsidiaries, all created to inject equities into their industries, allowing the group to expand its financial and business presence along reducing single investment risks.

$9.5 Billion is the equity capitalization appointed in favor of all companies forming FINSOR FUND. In reality, the private fund has the mission to execute an investment diversification plans, injecting fresh capitals into all direct business areas and sectors where intent to operate, using a self-approval method.

"FINSOR FUND it's my private investment fund and will invest equities that are the results of the group performances, without involving any external investor, this will allow me to invest into any industry I want without depending from third party decisions", said Manuel Ros.

"Between all investment areas selected, FINSOR FUND will invest into sport industry, Football, Formula One and MotoGP are at the moment my priorities, cause the group investing already into other sectors like, financial, food, entertainment, gambling, human resources, oil and gas, stocks, prime assets, and others, considering as well that various serious projects are on my table to be adopted", added the FINSOR's Founder.

"FINSOR FUND allows me to increase the straightness of the group giving more stability to all companies part of the whole organization, along raising the investor protection, for all other activities where they are involved, due to the holding financial solidification", said Manuel Ros.

"There are a lot of profitable industries where to invest, for this reason, I have decided to create a strong private fund to be able to reinvest FINSOR HOLDING equities, with the exclusive goal to improve the entire corporation profit in favor of all companies, talking the eventual financial risks only on myself", added Manuel Ros.

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